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Regulator Servicing:

First and second stage inspection/cleaning


First stage inspection/cleaning


Second stage inspection/cleaning


Depth inspection/cleaning

Complete overhaul $40

Full Overhaul

(first and second stage, pressure gauge, inspection of all hoses, gauge, o-ring replacement, high pressure seat replacement, exhaust valve replacement) $ ..

Cold water kit (includes installation) $90-200

Tank Servicing:

Annual VIP

(includes new valve o-ring, sticker, fill) $25.99

Hydrostatic testing

(includes VIP and fill) $59.99

Tumble (inside cleaning)


VIP nitrox tank

(includes new valve o-ring, sticker, fill with premix 32%) $45.99

02 clean cylinder, valve inspection and fill


BCDs Inspection and Maintenance

$35 (parts not included)
clean out inflator hoses, o-rings, exhaust valves
we will inform you before any parts are ordered